QTP Super Soil


Looking for the Best Cannabis Soil?

Growing cannabis? Cannabis growers know that it’s a very sensitive plant. Nutrient needs vary throughout the plant’s life and it’s extremely susceptible to pests, which are expensive to treat.

Quality Timber Products has tested our QTP Super Soil against competitors and repeatedly seen greener, thicker, faster growing, and smoother tasting cannabis products in every result.

QTP Super Soil helps you grow cannabis organically with less labor and less additives. Our cannabis soil helps you produce more of a higher quality product for your customers at a lower price!


How is QTP Super Soil Different from Other Soil for Cannabis Growing?

  • Organic Soil – Made of high quality black topsoil with organic worm castings, peat moss, and pumice. Pumice is a great alternative to additives with its porous material that houses nutrient-rich microbes. It won’t break down easily and keeps consistent moisture.
  • Saves Money! Because our soil is organic, it costs less to treat with fewer additives and requires less labor. You’ll grow a higher quality of organic cannabis product for less.
  • Pest Protection – Many cannabis soils are made of bat guano, which carries spider mites that kill cannabis plants. QTP Super Soil is made of cedar mulch, which wards off potential pests (grasshoppers, caterpillars, and spider mites) naturally.
  • Unique Cotton Burr Soil Blend – Cotton burr is a major component of our product. Unlike our competitors, we cure cotton burr out to completion. It takes us longer to create QTP Super Soil – but results in faster-growing, higher quality organic cannabis. More product, more money!
  • 18 Hour Power Tea – Our “cannabis tea” is a result of mixing components of our soil with water to dissolve nutrients for 20-30 hours. It acts as nutrient-packed plant food for cannabis and will show improvement in your plants within 18 hours!
  • We Deliver Orders Discreetly – We understand your location is highly protected and are able to bring our QTP Super Soil directly to your door. We’re located in Kansas but deliver to Colorado, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, and Nebraska.

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