Animal Bedding


Keep your cattle, horses, dogs, and other animals comfortable and dry with animal bedding from Quality Timber Products. Made without synthetic additives, our 100% unadulterated cedar bedding provides maximum comfort in any pen, bedded-pack, stall, or barn setting. We offer a superior product made from cedar trees harvested by our professional tree-clearing and mulching service.

QTP dairy bedding is compatible with manure handling systems, reduces ammonia smell, and repels the bugs, pests, and mosquitoes that can irritate your herd.

Cedar mulch also makes the perfect bedding for dog runs and small animal cages.


Benefits of Cedar Bedding

  • Minimal bacteria growth
  • Cedar bedding is clean, dry, and comfortable
  • Insulates animals from cold ground or concrete
  • Cedar bedding reduces ammonia smell
  • Repels insects including termites, cockroaches, moths, ants, and flies
  • Cedar bedding makes for a great moisture absorbent
  • Our Cedar Bedding is completely natural and biodegradable

Delivery available in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma
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